Meet the designer,


Coreta Louise is an accessories designer especially bags that specialized in the used of the traditional fabric of Indonesia. Coreta herself is the Creative Director of Clo label by Coreta Indonesia.

Coreta is a wife of the Head of Indonesian Police Department who often assigned to travel around Indonesia to see that Indonesia has much of beautiful cultural wealth. She is very fond of the bag so that she wants to make a bag, made of traditional Indonesian fabric. Originally, her bag was in use alone or as a gift to friends and relatives; but many of her colleagues asked her if the bag can be purchased. Because of the demand, Coreta started getting serious about her business, and made her own label that was named “Clo by Coreta Indonesia”.

The noble aim of Coreta is to introduce Indonesia through its traditional fabrics. Coreta who several times accompanying her husband’s duty to travel out of the country; she uses this opportunity to promote her products. Because of her hardwork; Clo by Coreta Indonesia has often participated in many internatinal exhibitions and fashion shows including New York, London, Oman, Kiev Ukraine, Chicago, Yangoon Myanmar, Dubai, Qatar, Cannes, Rome, and Netherlands.

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